It’s Your Choice.

Brooke Raines
Oct 27, 2020


At times I wonder if we travel the world in search of something that is already inside us.

What if meaning in life isn’t something we must search for, but rather a deliberate choice?

To choose meaning through a conscious decision to act with intention.

The way I see it, there may not be some grand point to life except to connect with the world, to care for it, and to enjoy it.

We aren’t apart from the world.

We are a part of it.

The old saying is that we are just one cog in the machine.

This is supposed to make us feel powerless,

But I choose to recognize the power in each and every one of us.

After all, how is the machine supposed to function without each individual cog?

Stop searching for meaning — create it.

Because you are it!

When we choose meaning, we reflexively begin to act on behalf of what we decide that meaning is.

When we take action, we create momentum.

Within that momentum, that kinetic energy, lies our agency.

And perhaps that’s the meaning we’ve been searching for all along…



Brooke Raines

A gypsy soul and a lover at heart following both was only the start….